Welcome to a new edited streaming player!

Ok in the editing streaming market there isn't much competition.
It's basically vidangel, clearplay, but now....ta da....our newest child...
play it my way!
We offer edited streamed amazon, basically, for free, and we think it rocks!

It has several features that some of those other don't have:

We offer edited Warner Bros. movies, Vidangel apparently isn't allowed too at present, until their lawsuit is figured out in court.  We wish them the best with that, hope they win, wouldn't that be amazing?

We offer *free edited playback* for prime movies.  You could even just get the 30 day free trial for prime, watch all we have, and cancel it.  all free.

We offer customization that includes a rating of *how much impact to the story* each edit makes.  So you can customize and retain more and more of the story.  Plus some other fine features like "black screen" and "popup with message" to tell you what you just missed in the last edit so you can watch without as much confusion anymore.

Feel free to check out our service and tell us what you think, thank you!